Immigration News Conference in Austin

July 21, 2014

JoAnn Fletcher organized a press conference in Austin with a number of grassroots activists very concerned with the crisis at the border.  We took video and broke it down into the individual speakers (our representative – Michael Openshaw is toward the end).

JoAnn Fleming

Jim Hicks

Katrina Pierson

Margarita De La Garza-Graham

Heidi Theiss

Maria Espanoza

Thomas Korkmas

Ray Myers

Michael Openshaw

Alice Linahan

Ken Emanuelson



Too Much Fast-Moving Information

July 14, 2014

We are maintaining a bunch of specific link sites on Facebook, which has become a preferred medium for us to work.  Currently, those of you with Facebook might want to review and like the following pages for topic-specific information:

BORDER CHAOS – a series of links to reputable new about our unsustainable border situation.

TEXANS DEFENDING THE RED RIVER -  Addressing the Federal assault on private property rights via a number of agencies

OBAMACARE NIGHTMARE – a source of links detailing this healthcare disaster.

The Impact of the Illegal Migrant Children

June 28, 2014

They fall in several categories, none of which means anything good.  But be ready for it, because the Dallas County Judge openly invited the 2,000 the feds are planning for the city of Dallas alone   Think Obama is going to actually send them back, as he says?  Think again!

Current Border Situation a Disaster: Texas needs to Act

June 17, 2014

UPDATE: it looks like even the Texas Tribune has joined Bud Kennedy’s ‘xenophobic racist sicko’ contingent in expressing deep concern for medical conditions associated with the flood of migrants at the border. But Bud somehow thinks their concerns are charitable as opposed to ours.)

Anyone watching the news recently has some inkling of the problem we have with an ever-increasing flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border.  Many of them are underage and they are NOT coming for work. They are coming for the promise the current administration has given that younger illegals will be given legal status and the government benefits associated with that promise.  This latest flood cannot by any stretch of the imagination be called ‘undocumented workers’.  The Left is falsely claiming they are ‘fleeing violence’ (which the illegals have been instructed to claim). This “violence” is the same violence that has been going on in Central America for GENERATIONS and is NOT a sudden problem.

There is also the REAL threat of a serious epidemiological problem in this ‘surge’.  Most of these populations do not have the proper BASIC vaccinations and/or come from regions where diseases essentially eradicated in the U.S. still exist and some of them are sick. They are being initially held in overcrowded centers and then being released willy-nilly across the country without proper medical screening (for example, six airplane loads to Boston). Any basic understanding of disease transmission tells one that this risks setting off epidemics across the country (And southern California has seen a huge surge in whooping cough in the last few months.)
(UPDATE: We’ve been called ‘xenophobic racists’ by Bud Kennedy of the Ft Worth Star-Telegran for raising this concern.  Well, U.S. Rep. Juan Hinojosa must be one as well, since he’s calling for an investigation of a major scabies outbreak among these recent border crossers.)
The federal government refuses to address this (indeed, is ENCOURAGING this) so we need to find as much of a Texas solution as possible.

There are two approaches: one involves an emergency directive viewable here to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw “to plan and execute a 90-day surge operation of increased law enforcement in the border counties, beginning on or after September 1, 2014.”  The problems with this is: 1) Joe Straus so far has refused to sign this and 2) by Sept. 1st, we very likely could have 50- 100,000 new ‘residents’ from this rapidly growing surge.

The second approach is a drive to call a special session of the Texas legislature to substantially increase Texas state resources on the border (Yes, we are talking about spending tax money: tens of millions to try to drastically reduce the BILLIONS in state aid that will be required for the current inflow.) To do this, we need to call on the Governor to call a special session (A petition to sign is here; the Governor’s phone number is 512-463-1783) and need to contact our local state Representatives and state senators to back this (locate your representatives here).


Immigration Survey and Convention Report

June 10, 2014

Here are the results of our NTTP Immigration Survey

Here is an excellent report on this immigration plank passed at the GOP convention this weekend and all the drama, written by Clear Lake Tea Partier Dale Huls:


Compromising Positions: Texas GOP and Tea Parties Find Their Fortunes Reversed in Ft. Worth

By Dale Huls

A funny thing happened at the 2014 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) convention last weekend. The grassroots tea parties and the Republican establishment were forced to compromise on an immigration plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform. And the Republican elites are wailing and gnashing their teeth!

You see, “compromise” is what’s supposed to happen when the establishment wins and the tea party loses. Indeed, we are constantly being lectured about party unity. That was one of Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri’s main opening messages to the convention – Party Unity. Sitting in the auditorium as a tea party member, I felt that this was the establishment laying down the terms of surrender. We are told that our enemies are too dangerous for the tea parties to not get in line after our intra-party struggles. When the Platform Committee Chairman, Tom Mechler introduced the RPT platform to the delegates, he stressed “compromise.” Mr. Mechler told us that everyone wouldn’t be able to get all they wanted in the platform, but for the sake of party unity, we should adopt the “perfected” document and move on. Indeed, messages of unity and compromise were the mantra of the day…for a Republican establishment that expected to win.

And why shouldn’t the Republican elites and corporate interests expect to win? They knew that the conservative tea party movement was coming to do battle over the “Texas Solution”. They saw tea party activists preparing for an ideological battle over principles and the rule of law. They monitored the social media posts, tweets and blogs. They understood that this convention would be less well attended than other recent conventions and activists were coming in numbers. With this understanding and foresight, the elitists Republican Party apparatchiks began a counter-campaign to protect the Texas Solution and keep it in the platform. Mailers went out with conservative sounding names claiming that the Texas Solution was necessary for outreach to Hispanic groups and avoid a demographic catastrophe in future elections with the promise of free jobs and legal residence in the United States (in other words – Amnesty). Newspaper articles were written, blogs posted, and surrogates were organized to counter the growing tea party threat. Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples began contacting tea party groups and convention delegate trainings to push a rewritten Texas Solution plan that was actually more lenient than the original. Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and amnesty lobbyist Norman Adams continued selling the Texas Solution’s guest worker program. A large Texas Solution pavilion in the convention center’s Exhibition Hall was purchased. And finally, the temporary platform committee was staffed with a majority of members sympathetic to a guest worker program and provided food and drinks by Norman Adams.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, the best laid plans of mice and Rinos often go astray when the full weight of the grassroots show up and work for a common goal. As soon as the temporary platform committee went into public session and testimony, it became obvious that the tea party was there to fight against any immigration plank that offered defacto amnesty via a guest worker program. Tea party operatives stayed day and night fighting to get rid of the guest worker language and report out the proceedings to the grassroots network at the convention. Extreme pressure was put on the committee to such an extent that Todd Staples’ rewritten Texas Solution never saw the light of day. By the end of the temporary platform committee’s stint, the immigration platform plank had been completely rewritten and the guest worker program language was changed to a “provisional visa” program (same song, different tune). That night in the Senate District caucuses, a few pro-amnesty temporary committee members were voted out by the grassroots and replaced for Friday’s Permanent Platform committee. With new committee members, a new plank was offered based on Senator Dan Patrick’s website on border security and immigration. In fact, when this amendment was offered, the committee vote was a 15 – 15 tie for which the Chairman Mechler declined to break. An amendment in a tie vote is NOT adopted. Consequently, seven committee members signed a “minority report” that took the amendment to the convention floor as substitution amendment and presented to all the convention delegates. Since this minority report still contained some objectionable language that needed removing and the remaining doubt that it would be accepted, the grassroots hurriedly prepared amendments to be filed before the 6pm Friday deadline (note: that only filed amendments may be considered on the convention floor under normal rules). These amendments dealt with fixing the minority report language or removing the provisional visa language and of the approximately 200 amendments filed about three-quarters addressed the immigration plank.

At this point, the grassroots felt they had a fighting chance at replacing the Texas Solution immigration plank with a common sense immigration plank based on the rule of law. As the convention came to order on the last day, a grassroots network of Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and email spontaneously arose. Numerous activists were prepared to whip the votes by working the delegates and holding up yes/no signs indicating which way the vote should go. And then came the moment, everybody in the convention was waiting for. Mark Ramsey, a member of the Permanent Platform Committee, came out on the center stage to introduce the immigration minority report to the delegation. However, after introducing a motion to substitute the minority report for the proposed immigration plank reported out of committee, Mr. Ramsey started to discuss the committee’s proposed plank in detail. At this point, uneasiness settled on the anti-amnesty supporters. Why wasn’t he talking about the minority report? Why wasn’t he promoting the minority report was a much better stance on immigration? And then came the shocker, Ramsey offered a new amendment to the existing plank as a “trigger” for the provisional visa program and therefore a “fix” for the original plank. The grassroots immediately felt betrayed. It now looked like the minority report had been set up for failure. The problem was Mr. Ramsey’s amendment did make the plank better but it left intact the guest worker/ provisional visa program. Delegates wanted to know what happened and how they should vote. And then parliamentary confusion began, was debate cut off or was it not? Were we voting on the amendment or the minority report or both? Once the muddle was cleared up, the amendment to add a trigger was approved and the minority report failed.

Despair fell over the no amnesty delegates and activists. All of the filed amendments addressing the minority report were no longer relevant. And a last chance attempt was made to strip the provisional visa program from the proposed platform plank.   This too ultimately failed. It seems the establishment Republican supporters of the Texas Solution had won again. It looked like the provisional visa language would stay with the only “compromise” being the trigger amendment first offered by Ramsey. The grassroots had fought so hard. It seemed that money and manipulation had once again trumped conservative principles.

But wait all was not lost, from the floor microphones arose a single voice offering a motion to amend the immigration plank by offering the delegates another option. Peter Batura had written his own compromise amendment and had correctly filed it the previous day. In his amendment, he kept the textual language providing rationale from the proposed immigration plank and took the best specific bullet points offered in the minority report to craft a complete plank on his own. It would be an understatement to say that both sides of the issue were stunned at this development. Activists and establishment alike scrambled to read the amendment. Confusion reigned throughout the hall. As the reading went, the amendment read exactly like the proposed plank for the first three paragraphs. Each side asked “Was this a good thing or a bad thing?” Within minutes the leading activists decided that this was a strong alternative to the existing language and the word started going out via text messaging and emails imploring the body to vote yes on this amendment. The pro-guest worker/provisional worker crowd also began to whip their votes against. In fact, in Dan Patrick’s home Senate District (SD 7), Mark Ramsey, Valerie Swanson, and David Riddle managed to place their delegation solidly against the floor amendment (36 – 385). One member of the SD 7 delegation related that “a delegate in the section next to SD 7 asked me why SD 7 voted Democrat? I was so embarrassed…”

As the vote on the floor amendment took place, Chairman Munisteri called for a voice vote which was inconclusive according to the chair. In fact, Steve Munisteri did a remarkably fair job in understanding the will of the convention by calling numerous standing votes to visibly assess votes by the delegation. This vote was no different. However, if we thought the floor amendment was an unlooked for boon and a last minute reprieve from defeat, it was surely divine providence in what happened next. When Chairman Munisteri called for a “standing” vote, he sought confirmation of the vote from others on the stage. Consequently, both the convention Parliamentarian and Secretary answered that they had each seen a different outcome of the standing vote. With a disagreement on the stage Chairman Munisteri was unwilling to call the vote himself and determined that a “roll call” vote was in order. This was exactly what the grassroots wanted. Win or lose, a tallied vote of record was had been sought to document the vote and remove any doubt of vote unlike what occurred in the original Texas Solution vote in 2012.

Now, with each SD voting their full voting strength, the results of the roll call vote was 4763 for the motion and 3735 against. By over a 1000 votes, the tea party position had carried the day. By an approximate 60 to 40% split, the Texas Republican Party had elected to discard an unworkable “market-based” approach to immigration reform. Emphasis was refocused in the party platform to address border security and the rule of law. The new immigration plank was indeed a compromise position by taking the best of the committee’s proposed plank and the minority report and blending them together into a seamless document addressing immigration issues.

Unfortunately, the establishment and corporate interests seem to be not so interested in “party unity” after the platform was adopted and the convention closed. Norman Adams, the high dollar guest worker lobbyist, left insisting that the grassroots had set the Party back 10 years and this was the work of white supremacists. Please! It’s bad enough that the liberal press says these things about the GOP grassroots and tea party, but for other “Republicans” to say it is not advancing party unity after a hard fought intra-party disagreement.

Indeed, both sides knew the stakes were high in Texas regarding the immigration plank. It was suspected that the Texas Solution was intended to give cover to moderates such as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie regarding their own immigration stances. Additionally, it was suspected that Speaker Boehner would use the Texas Solution as a further justification for an amnesty vote this summer. Because if Texas, the reddest of red states, can support a guest worker/provisional visa program for all illegal aliens then it must be alright for the Republican-led House to do the same. However, after Saturday’s vote, moderate Republican 2016 candidates must stand on their own without the cover of Texas Republicans and John Boehner must reach for other justifications in his push for amnesty.

So this is what “compromise” feels like when your positions, by and large, carry the day. As demonstrated by the comments, posts, tweets, and blogs in social media, it appears the grassroots can get comfortable with this kind of compromise. However, it is up to the political elite and corporate interests in the Republican Party to see if they can practice what they preach. Will they get in line and defend the party platform? Will they join forces because our enemies are too dangerous for us to be divided? Will they follow the advice of Tom Mechler who called for the sake of party unity to adopt the “perfected” document and move on? After all, he is the one who said everyone would not be able to get all they wanted in the platform. Will Republicans across America support what Texas has done to reject a backdoor amnesty program and support a more common sense and rule of law approach? I wonder.

Saddle up Texas!



Primary, Runoff Assessment

May 28, 2014

Final count on TeaApproved primary races (discounting the County Commissioner race where ALL were TeaApproved): 10 wins – 7 losses; the wins generally bigger than the losses.

TeaApproved candidates:

Unseated 4 incumbents:
- Don Huffines beat John Carona
- Matt Rinaldi beat Bennett Ratliff
- Rodney Anderson beat Linda -Harper-Brown
- Bob Hall beat Bob Deuell
Lost 3 challenges to incumbents:
- Read King to Myra Crownover
- Jared Patterson to Angie Chen Button
- Danny Pelton lost to JD Sheffield
Lost 1 incumbent to a challenger:
- Stefani Carter lost to Linda Koop
Won 5 open seats:
- Van Taylor (unopposed)
- Ken Paxton beat Dan Branch
- Sid Miller beat Tommy Merritt
- Konni Burton beat Mark Shelton
- Matt Shaheen beat Glenn Callison
Lost 3 open seats:
- Wayne Christian lost to Ryan Sitton
- TJ Fabby lost to John Wray
- Philip Eby lost to DeWayne Burns

A number of old-time politicians were shown the door tonight. David Dewhurst, Dan Branch, Tommy Merritt, Bob Deuell, And Ralph Hall. The State Senate will be HUGELY different; Van Taylor, Don Huffines, Konni Burton and Bob Hall are NOT coming into the Senate to join the country club. And let’s not forget that Dan Patrick should be presiding. As far as the Establishment is concerned, the barbarians have battered down the door and have their feet up on the furniture; Too bad!  The House had some small improvement in the primary but lost a bit of ground (and several opportunities for conservative gains) in the runoff.  But the House was already pretty conservative.

Once again, more than anything else, the Tea Parties played DIFFERENCE MAKERS.  As much as the Tea Parties (and the press, since we apparently are the boogeyman now) would like to credit the Tea Parties for Patrick’s 30 point win over Dewhurst, a margin like that represents every traditional conservative- social and fiscal- in the GOP combined with the Tea Parties for wins this big. Same with Ken Paxton’s; both races were already won within the GOP before a single ‘Tea Party’ vote was counted.  Tea Parties WERE the difference in the narrower wins of John Ratcliffe, Sid Miller, Bob Hall, and Matt Shaheen.  And they were the only reason folks like TJ Fabby, Philip Eby, Read King, and Jared Patterson were within single digits against tough establishment foes.  And Tea Parties cannot salvage races with far too little traditional GOP support, as Katrina Pierson’s and Stefani Carter’s races clearly showed.

The one thing pretty darn clear from this cycle: excessive, personal sleaze tactics- especially at the last minute- have VERY low chances of success. And the lowlife consultants who make their living this way should be avoided by ALL sides, if a candidate REALLY wants a chance to win.

Our group was surprised with $62,000 over the period for the specific purpose of mailing out our multi-group voting guides to key areas and 130,000 of them went out.  Those guides (naturally combined with the other fine efforts by and for the candidates) may have been the difference in in the Matt Rinaldi and Bob Hall races, and our efforts combined with the candidate setting up a PAC to emulation the exact same activity , may have been the difference in the Don Huffines race as well.  Online downloads of the various voter guides were 15,000 in the primary, about 5,000 in the runoff.  All in all, it made the major vetting and messaging effort worthwhile.

And, as a final note and for the third cycle in a row, we have a message to Murphy consultants: DON’T BOTHER COMING INTO COLLIN COUNTY: YOU’LL ONLY (politically) DIE TIRED.  And we STRONGLY urge anyone ever thinking about running for any office in the county; hire anyone else you might find- but DON’T hire Murphy. It would be more useful to make a bonfire from your money.

The 8 Day Finance Reports

May 21, 2014

This is where one finds out about the money the candidates did NOT want you to see:  (BTW: here is ours; money from two sources, both principled conservative people/entities- ALL of it went straight into our one composite voter guide mailer for the runoff that went to 80,000 homes across North Texas)

  • Linda Koop’s (Sefanti Carter’s opponent) BIGGEST donor for this period was Texas Parent PAC.
    Who donates ONLY to the significantly more liberal candidate in any race in support of the education bureaucracy (NOT true education).
    Texas Parent PAC donated over $50,000 to Wendy Davis in the last two years.
    In trying to argue that they DO donate to conservatives, the example she gave was….Bennett Ratliff. Who had a 53% composite conservative score, and a horrific fiscal score; and was just booted by his constituents because of it. If this is Linda Koop’s definition of ‘conservative’, be afraid District 102; be VERY afraid.  (Consultant group: Murphy Nasica & Associates)
  • Glenn Callison (Matt Shaheen’s opponent) got a smaller by still significant donation from Texas Parent PAC and a HUGE amount of money in the last month from the Realtor’s PAC- over 100,000.  That’s getting into a somewhat concerning  ‘buy a state rep’ range.  This group backs lots of people in the business area; some good some bad.  Not like Texas Parent PAC who is ideologically consistent- in the wrong way. (Consultant group: Murphy Nasica & Associates)
  • DeWayne Burns – (District 58 – Johnson & Bosque counties; Philip Eby’s opponent) received about $10,000 from Texas Parent PAC as well.  Also money from Pete Geren and Byron Cook,  NOT the friends of principled conservatives.  Also Charles Butt. (Consultant group: KC Strategies LLC )
  • John Wray – (District 10; Ellis and part of Henderson counties; TJ Fabby’s opponent) received about $4,500 from Texas Parent PAC as well.  Also money from Pete Geren, Jim Pitts and Byron Cook,  NOT the friends of principled conservatives.  Also Charles Butt. (Consultant group: Murphy Nasica & Associates)
  • David Dewhurst – Got $3 million in loads from Community Bank- a lill every 2 weeks.  Lot of VERY large donations from individuals and a a couple national PACs- but VERY little fro the usual suspect PACs.  Seems like they pegged him for a lost cause int the last month, if not sooner.  Short of a miracle, Dewhurst will lose- and owe several million when he does.  I am skeptical anyt of his very generous buddies  will be all that generous if he takes the beating that seems to be in the cards.
  • Dan Branch – Branch’s reporting is FULL of VERY large last minute donation reported by ‘telegram’- AFTER the 8 day report was filed. Over $420K in these donations were so reported.  VERY unusual.
  • Tommy Merritt – is a REAL mess from a campaign finance perspective-  Has $900K in outstanding loans- and hasn’t received much more than $100K of contributions for the ENTIRE campaign. NO WAY he recoups most of that without a really improbable win.
  • Ryan Sitton – HUGE amounts of oil patch donations; over $1.2 million in donations- AND he has $1.4 million in loans.  $342K for ONE PAC  the ‘Conservative Republicans of Texas’ – which aren’t all that conservative in some areas. .
  • Bob Deuell - is just the opposite.  Huge amounts of PAC money; is there ANY special-purpose PAC that did NOT donate to Deuell.  a real ‘man of the people’. less than 20% of his donations were ‘small ($200 or less).

Some Political Fun and Education – Debate Bingo!

June 20, 2014

After a recent online dueling match with the Fort Worth media, we reflected on something. How many logical fallacies did our opponent commit.  (A GREAT site for the description of Logical Fallacies is here).  Then we though it could be great fun to list the types of logical fallacies in a Bingo card, to be used during television debates.  It also would actually serve as a mechanism of stretching the mind in understanding the flawed arguments seen in debate.

So, here is a ‘starter’ template with a 4 copies of various cards.  It would be up to you to copy them and rearrange the squares for enough variety for more cards .

So have fun learning during tedious debates about logical fallacies (and debating which ones are appropriate where with your friends).  In doing so, with some practice, you should be able to peel away at the fluff and get just to the content of what candidates say (Probably not much after it’s all peeled away.)


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