Combined Tea Party Runoff Candidate Meet & Greet

April 18, 2014


A great turnout for the Far North Dallas Tea Party Runoff candidate Meet & Greet. It was co-sponsored by the Richardson, Garland, and Rowlett Tea Parties, Allen Area Patriots, as well as the North Texas Tea Party. Over 150 showed up to hear introductory speeches, then interact on-on-one with the various candidates. Here were the introductory speeches- all brief.


Runoff TeaApproval Addition – Konni Burton, Texas Senate District 10

April 11, 2014

With the runoffs upcoming and some extra time, the North Texas Tea Party Vetting committee decided to extend out farther with some additional candidate vettings.  The first added race is for the runoff to fill Wendy Davis’ old State Senate seat SD10 (NE Tarrant County).  The committee met with both candidates in the Hurst area and reviewed their records.

In this race, the decision was to TeaApprove Konni Burton.  Konni is a fellow Tea Partier (a founding member of the great NE Tarrant Tea Party group), is dedicated to fiscal responsibility, and has a knack for what is best termed ‘instinctive conservatism’. She will bring citizen common sense to the State Senate and will not let the ‘country club’ atmosphere keep her from being an effective advocate for her conservative constituents.  Her character and drive is such that she is one of very few people our fabulous Senator Ted Cruz formally endorsed.  She would represent a TOTAL change in how Senate District 10 is represented after years of Wendy Davis.

konni_burton_100    NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px

We also met with Dr. Mark Shelton, her opponent.  A fine man, extremely knowledgeable in the medical area; an expertise we hope he makes available to guide state policy, no matter which way the election turns out. But we felt he is more interested in making government work ‘better’ in many areas such as health care, and less interested in making it do less, returning more control to the people.  He also seemed to admit to being able to be influenced, on occasion, to change his position based on the input of the ‘professional political class’ that buzzes around the legislature. His previous voting record as state representative was not terrible, but put him more in the “go along to get along” category. It is pretty clear to us that Dr. Shelton would fit in and add to the ‘country club’ approach that has left the Texas Senate a place for conservative initiatives to go off and die.  Mark would simply not be the kind of warrior we need to aggressive pursue conservative governance.

Why State Reps Should Support Scott Turner for Speaker

April 7, 2014

We address this to those State Reps that might be a bit on the fence on this one, ones who- in the past- have probably supported Joe Straus, but might have some frustration with the way the sessions have been run- especially this last one, where the Democrats were more successful passing bills than the GOP majority.

It’s really very simple, folks: take a look at the last three elections cycles and look what’s happened.  Look at the number of ‘Good-old-Boy’ long-timers that have gone over the hill; voluntarily or otherwise.  Brian McCall, Burt Solomon, Vicki Truitt, Tommy Merritt, Jerry Madden, Jim Pitts, Linda Harper-Brown, Dan Branch, Diane Patrick; just to name a few.  Look at the ‘principled conservative’ block and how their numbers grow each cycle- and that very few are giving in the siren song of the ‘go-along’ leadership. And how leadership efforts to oust the most troublesome met with utter failure- and how they lost a number of ‘easy holds’ (Bennett Ratliff, Linda Harper-brown, Diane Patrick).  Even when the leadership friend’s DID hold on, it was often by single digits.

It’s simply a matter of time before continued victories of ‘principled conservatives’ over leadership/lobbyist interests put that block over the top and they can dominate the GOP caucus entirely.  The question is, what kind of Speaker candidate will they put up then; one who will completely gut the current chairs  and committees and take out the type of retribution seen in years past?

What we have is a very unique opportunity this time in Scott Turner, simply because of the type of person Scott is.  He is a man of gentle but firm persuasion, not one into arm-twisting and vote-buying.  His basic demand for a POSITIVE campaign for Speaker alone should convince you he is a different kind of leader, one unlike the House has seen in over a generation.  It is actually a chance to tamp down the inner divisions of the GOP block to mere ‘friendly competitions’, as opposed to the multi-million dollar knock-down, drag-outs it has become. To return the dealmaking to the near super-majority of the GOP in the House, rather than the Democrat minority and the handful of most moderate Republicans that led to 52% of the bills passed having Democrat authors.

It is time to make a change; not out of retribution, bout out of the need to advance an agenda set by the Republican majority.  To move bills forward on merit, not political theater. To have more serious and meaningful committee hearings and votes on the floor of the House.  Scott can give us that- and the more moderate Republicans will NOT lose out, it they are willing to return to negotiating with the other members of their Party, rather than with the Democrats as they did this last session (over half of the bills passed were Democrat authored).

WARNING! Phone Scam Reported Using our Name!

March 31, 2014

Just got a phone call from someone saying they received a phone solicitation for donations for the North Texas Tea Party. Let us make this very clear: WE DO NOT CALL PEOPLE FOR DONATIONS- PERIOD. Any such effort is a scam and needs to be reported immediately! Do NOT giver your credit card information over the phone to ANY such calls!

The Last-Minute Money of the Primary

March 13, 2014

(Full disclosure: our group was shocked to receive a large donation- long after vetting was done and unsolicited by us- from a well-known conservative mega-donor in that timeframe for a mailing effort.  As a matter of policy, we will not the list individual private citizen’s names who donate to ANYONE , but they are in easily searchable public record.  And we are PROUD to receive funds from someone whose list of benefactors is so illustrious. Every penny went STRAIGHT to a major mailing effort.)

Any number of large funding sources postpone sending money to candidates until they ONLY show up on the 8 Days before the election (or after to do two things.  The first and least important- to not let opponents know how much they’ll have to work with.  The more important reason: to mask their association with the candidate.

The latter condition- of not showing the group until the last minute might be Applicable in the Texas House District 102 runoff between Linda Koop and Stefani Carter.  Linda Koop received a last-minute cash infusion from Texas Parent PAC, whose benefactor list is a Who’s Who of the most liberal GOP member in the House (JD Sheffield, Diane Patrick, Bennett Ratliff) or challengers to the most conservative (like Andy Cargile- Jonathan Stickland’s opponent and Skip Ogle – Matt Shaefer’s opponent).  This PAC is HEAVILY financed by Charles Butt and a few liberal attorneys.   No, Linda does NOT want it known among GOP circles significant donations are coming from such. (BTW:, the Tx Parent PAC had a horrible Primary, losing the vast majority of their races.)

Stefani Carter, on the other hand, received LARGE contributions from  Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, a group that has long supported her- and her 90% range conservative record.  This group does a LOT of good things supporting a lot of good conservative- but also often supports SOME of the ‘Powers That Be’ types.  something to keep an eye on, but not hugely troubling.

Just remember one thing, folks; follow the money… AND the related associations.
(Here is the site to search to find out about the money in State races.)

Voter Guides, Pay for Play, and False Fronts

March 8, 2014

Now that the multi-group voter guides have proven highly effective aiding the voters in identifying the thoroughly vetted conservative candidates, those that are less principled and more ‘malleable’ will likely react in one of two ways:

  1. Attempting to discredit the lists and the work they represent.
  2. Emulating it with faux conservative groups thrown up by the Austin political class.

The first method normally involves questioning the motives and/or integrity of the groups involved. That has already been attempted this cycle by claiming a ‘Pay for Play’ scheme at work.  (Pay for play is that anyone to be endorsed has to contribute to the endorsing group).  a claim of this was made against Young Conservative of Texas and implied in the case of EmpowerTexans. Neither group was guilty of it: YCT received donations- from a handful of the many candidates it endorsed- to print up their voter guides MONTHS AFTER their endorsements.    In our case, we were shocked to receive a significant donation- unsolicited by us- from a well-known conservative mega-donor to do a mailer.  We turned over the entire amount and did a substantial (and beautifully designed) mail piece to 54,000 voters from it. Nobody ‘bought’ endorsements in any one of the three groups; accusing them falsely of this is a clear attempt to discredit thoroughly conservative vetting and the highly ethical people working as taxpayer advocates.

Since these attempts to discredit failed so utterly, we fully expect another possible move of the ‘Powers That Be’ is to throw up faux conservative ‘empty shell’ groups  to claim to have vetted the candidates  for conservatism (And strangely will find exactly the opposite results).  Whereas our list features known conservative endorsing groups like YCT, TFR, and CCCR, the competing lists we’d seen previously only listed a single group that practically nobody has ever heard of. In the future, we expect to see multi-group lists of these establishment ‘shells’ groups to show up as well.. If you get one of these, ask yourself theses questions:

  1. Where were these groups in the primary itself?  If they had no comment in the primary, they surely are hastily assembled efforts.  The groups we list ALL have been at this for at LEAST the last three election cycles.
  2. Have you ever even heard of the EXACT name before?  What is their stated purpose?  Does it actually have any listing of who all is involved?
  3. Does their list or scorecard make any sense?  For example, the ‘Texas Conservative Roundtable’ is an Austin ‘Powers That Be’ group whose scorecard is listed here.  Note the Senate listing; it lists known conservative Birdwll, but not known conservatives Paxton and Patrick;  then lists known NON-conservative Carona and Deuell.  The arrangement has a simple explanation: known conservatives not being challenged by the establishment forces are listed as cover for the non-conservatives being actively challenged BY conservatives.
  4. Does the groups serve a special interest, generically stated?  Or are they actual groups representing true grassroots groups?

We will NOT be surprised if the other side- taking note of our great success- to come up with their own multi-group ‘false front’ mailers and poll handouts.  The ‘go-along- to get-along’ crew is NOT stupid, so they WILL react to our successes.  So look for it folks- and recognize it for what it is if and when it DOES come.

A Day of Making the Difference

March 5, 2014

Yesterday’s primary was an extremely good one for conservatives and the approaches that the North Texas Tea Party has taken to make a difference.  Here are the statewide results.  A synopsis:

On the state Senate side: John Carona- such a powerful long-timer that his opponent could not find a consulting group in all of Texas to help him run against him, lost to Don Huffines by 635 votes.  Bob Deuell- another considered ‘untouchable’ despite a horrible voting record- has been forced into a runoff with ‘NTTP TeaApproved’ Bob Hall.

On the state House side: Joe Straus’s money machine sent an extra $50,000 to four different State Representative incumbents (Bennett Ratliff, Angie Chen Button, Linda Harper-Brown, JD Sheffield)  whose only commonality was that our yellow voter guides started showing up in their districts; two of those incumbents lost: Bennett Ratliff lost to Matt Rinaldi by a razor thin 92 votes and Rodney Anderson defeated Linda Harper-Brown in a real shocker.  Batting .500 against well funded  incumbents is very good (And Angie Chen Button won by single digits.)  There were also losses by Diane Patrick and Lance Gooden at the hands of Tea Party-supported opponents that should cause major concern for the ‘Powers That Be’ types in Austin.

Statewide races were excellent, with all conservatives going into runoffs with significant leads over opponents: Dan Patrick over David Dewhurst 42-28; Ken Paxton over Dan Branch 43-33; Glen Hager inches away from avoiding a runoff entirely against Harvey Hildebran 49.9-26; Sid Miller leading Tommy Merritt 35-21; Wayne Christian over Sitton 43-31.

It was also a great day in another regard: every candidate who went to throwing personal mud at the last minute (as the Murphy and Eppstein consulting groups routinely deploy) got huge backlash from it- most of the candidates knocked off outright.  Using such lowlife tactics- and employing those who use such- should be viewed as an albatross around the neck of ANY candidate and a way to assure the candidate LOSES.

However, the national level races- where Cornyn avoided a runoff against a weak field and Pete Sessions easily defeated Katrina Pierson- also proves another point we at NTTP have long understood: the Tea Parties cannot win alone! Our numbers are not great enough nor are likely to be.  We are the difference makers.  The traditional conservatives factions of the GOP need us to help them get over the top over mushy ‘go-along-to-get-along’ types.  In the role of difference makers, we hold substantial strength, but ONLY in conjunction with others and it is a mistake to ever think otherwise.

But NTTP’s influence is growing, as is easily seen by the statistics from the web site alone.  Last election; our online voter guides were downloaded over 1,100 times for the entire election: this time, they were downloaded 5,000 times- on election day alone! (over 15,000 overall).  Web traffic yesterday more than doubled our long-standing previous record (when one of our videos ended up on Bill O’Reilly) , with 15,790 views.

Last night was a very good night for us, but the death march continues with a LOT of runoffs that need to be won. More voter guide to do, more online activities and more door-to-door (at least locally). And we can ALWAYS use more help!


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