Patrick Fallon Announces Support for Scott Turner

December 17, 2014

pat_fallon_100 Well, Patrick Fallon demonstrated the political courage we have all come to expect from him. He listened to his constituents and, at the end of his town hall tonight, announced his support for Scott Turner for Texas Speaker in support of his constituents wishes. Do NOT underestimate the courage required to do this, swimming against the current of powerful interests, as it were. Kudos Pat; proud of you!

At least he won’t have to go into hiding from his constituents, like Jodie Laubenberg has had to. She’s COMPLETELY disappeared from all political meetings we’ve seen since it was obvious she was going to vote with the power brokers of Austin and NOT as her constituents would want her to. Guess she drained her courage on the HB2 bill (which used a LOT) and has none left in the tank. Truly sad. We never thought we would ever need to generate the image below, but it has all become too obvious.  And such images haven’t bode well for one’s life in politics; just ask David Dewhurst.


Ted Cruz expresses explains Obama’s Immigration Amnesty

December 7, 2014

Here is Ted Cruz’s full presentation to the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s Leadership Gala; in 2 parts:


NTTP Awarded for Conservative Dedication

December 7, 2014

At the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Gala on December 7th, the North Texas Tea Party- via one of its leaders- was honored for their dedication to the conservative cause, Van Taylor having nominated us. While the award was given to Michael Openshaw (an inscribed sword to remind us ALL of Travis’s line in the sand, as well as a thank you note from Ted Cruz), it was actually earned by the entire leadership team. The photo below shows on the left (ONLY in the picture), Michael Quinn Sullivan of TFR, Jim Bright (Vetting Committee Chair), Michael Openshaw (Communications CHair), And Gerald Meazell (Vetting Committee member). The work continues- especially in early january timeframe witnh the startup of the legislative session.

TFR is the finest taxpayer advocates in Texas and we are humbled and deeply honored by this recognition.

Battleground Texas was an EPIC Fail!

November 18, 2014

How truly bad was Battleground Texas in performance? With the tens of millions spent, 56% of new registrants in large counties went with the GOP; they lost the women’s vote; and they lost Harris county (Houston) and even Bexar County (San Antonio)! 44-46% of the Hispanic vote went to the GOP as well. We welcome them back next time; there are still a few counties that need to be turned red! :D

A vote for Straus Will Preclude NTTP TeaApproval

November 11, 2014

Let’s make this simple for the members of the Texas House:

Any State Representative who votes for Joe Straus against Scott Turner will be precluded for gaining NTTP TeaApproval.  Anyone who votes NOT to have an open recorded vote on this issue will also be precluded.

Various people claim we do not ‘understand how Austin works': the problem is, we DO understand how Austin ‘works’- some of us have understood that since the early 80s.  And the way Austin works NEEDS TO CHANGE!

We do not work to elect people simply to vote the most conservative they can in the highly constrained environment Joe Straus maintains which precludes the truly tough votes. We work to elect WARRIORS to batter the ‘country club’ doors down and force votes- win or lose- on the really tough issues of the day. We are told good conservatives cannot get committee chairs if the current ‘Powers That Be’ are contested.  Well, they weren’t contested in the last session- so kindly point out the powerful committee chairs that WERE assigned to ‘good conservatives’- NOT ONE!

Scott Turner is a unique individual, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.  As the ‘principled conservative’ core continues to grow each term at a faster rate than the ‘getalongs’ can corrupt them, we will soon reach a tipping point wherein the majority of the GOP caucus will put up someone like Jonathan Stickland for House, and the ‘getalong’s will face vindictive retribution for years of poor treatment.  Scott Turner represents a unique opportunity to make the changeover WITHOUT that sort of vindictiveness. It simply isn’t in Scott’s character.

We WILL throw in one caveat, though.  If Joe Straus IS elected and the House TRULY DOES have a conservative session- as CONSERVATIVE GROUPS define it, NOT Austin- then those who voted for Straus will win a reprieve.  Our definition of a conservative outcome is that at least five of the following seven items BECOME LAW, with the first one an absolute requirement (none of the games of passing the house, but running out the clock on synchronizing with the Senate will count):

  1.  The budget does NOT get busted- by HONEST math, not by DC-style calculation.
  2. Open carry (for at least CHL holders):
  3. Campus carry- the same way
  4. Medicaid expansion blocked again
  5. The Enterprise Fund gets stripped to a small fraction of what it is or dissolved outright.
  6. E-Verify for State Contracts
  7. Ending in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
Note these are REASONABLE pieces of legislation, many are just ‘foot-in the door’ approaches like the E-Verify proposal.  However, all the representatives who claim that Joe Straus has ‘promised’ a more conservative session know full well that getting even three of these passed is highly unlikely under Joe with his indebtedness to the Democrats. This IS about policy, not personalities, so we would leave this one highly improbable ‘escape hatch’ available to prove that point.
 Some of the switch-over crowd will claim we are being ‘unreasonable'; being ‘reasonable’ does not lead to the change we ALL know we need.  Being ‘reasonable’ leads to the CONSTITUENTS’ DESIRE being once again outvoted by the Professional Political Class in Austin.  It has to stop and now is the time to do it.

NTTP General Election Recommendation

October 19, 2014

For the voters in our DFW Service area, the recommendation is very simple and does NOT come without thought:


It boils down to this:  there are essentially NO good candidates on the Democrat ticket statewide or in our 4-county area that we could recommend.  And, while the Libertarians HAVE fielded a few fairly decent candidates, they are only positioned to be spoilers in any close races.  Especially at the county level and particularly in Dallas County, there is a DIRE need to devastate the Democrat ‘farm club’ of officeholders here. from the massively corrupt District Attorney to the phenomenally dangerous showboating Dallas County Judge, these folks need to be retired.


Sometimes the simplest choices are the best ones; we feel this year is a case for that.  However, if the state and national GOP continue to trade away conservative principle for convenience and power-broker satisfaction, there is NO assurance that will be the case in 2016- and likely will NOT be.

Some may disagree with us on this, and give some specific example of a race where a Libertarian or Democrat is superior.  In that case we would point out something many voters don’t realize:  one can vote a straight party ticket, then go down the ballot and reverse that for a given office by casting an INDIVIDUAL vote in that office . (For example, select Straight Republican, then go down to Office X, and select Libertarian Candidate Z).  But at bare minimum do one thing:


Controversial Rally in Highland Park

July 27, 2014


There was some concern and reluctance on the part of a number of our members to participate in the Overpasses For America rally.  Rallying in a residential area could be taken as  intimidating or unpleasant.  Well, it worked out so ‘unpleasant’ with the 30 or so total that showed up, a neighbor’s kids threw together a lemonade and cookie stand and did a raging business with us (it was HOT).  Highland Park police turned out in full force (3 at the Jenkin’s residence; 3 more on patrol for our ‘strolling’ portion). One wishes any given mile of our BORDER had that level of coverage. But the police were very pleasant and pleased with how we acted.     BTW: the Jenkins were out on vacation- and we knew this well ahead of time; his residence was a symbol.  The poster below said it best:


More great pictures here.  A lot of our concerns are found on this Facebook page.


The one thing about controversy: it DOES bring out the media. As much media came for this one event than we saw with all of the recent corner and overpass rallies COMBINED.  The Dallas Morning News  had probably the best piece here  The comments on this article is some of the type of discussion we were hoping for.  Channel 5, 8 and 11 did small pieces on it; 8 and 11 heavily edited and slanted as expected (the editors doing more damage than the reporters).  None of them mentioned a VERY important point we made over and over to them: over 85% of the unaccompanied ‘minors’ are OLDER (13-17) males.  Some have been found to be gang members; think they’ve all (or even most) have been uncovered?

This was a one-off type effort, to drive home a specific point.  Jenkins has SO badly thought this out that he was surprised schools and a warehouse can’t be magically turned into residents in a single month.  The feds haven’t even finished ASSESSING the sites, but they would take MASSIVE reconstruction.


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