The Criminal Targeting of the Tea Parties by the Obama Admininstration

Just like the Obamacare disaster, it looks like this topic will need a running link posting. (BTW: our organization at the outset decided to function ONLY as a state-level PAC and NOT go for 501c status.  As a result, we were QUITE effective in 2012 while others struggled with this Gestapo-style interrogations. We wish we were simply brilliant, but we never had a thought that this level of intimidation was even possible, no matter HOW you organized.)

UPDATE: Here is the LEAKED version of Treasury Inspector General’s IRS report.  This was selectively leaked to left-wing sources like Huffington Post.   It is the REDACTIONS that are most telling about this document.  Just search for *** and you’ll see EVERY TRIGGERING EVENT that set into motion the discriminatory review of Tea Parties and related groups has been redacted out.  What were these events; more importantly WHO WAS THERE TO TRIGGER THIS HARASSMENT?

3 Responses to The Criminal Targeting of the Tea Parties by the Obama Admininstration

  1. mateo says:

    are tea party members targeted too, by irs

    • Mike O says:

      Only one or two of individual Tea Party LEADERS have been specifically targeted. The Leaders of True the Vote clearly have been. But now that this has been blown open, any expansion of these efforts will cause WAY more backlash that they would want.

  2. mateo says:

    and obama administration


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