NTTP Vetting Ongoing

Considering the MASSIVE number of candidates that will be in the March Primary for the GOP, the NTTP Vetting Committee- led by Jim Bright- has been working furiously to assess and- when necessary- interview candidates for office.  They have been focusing initially on statewide races.  These are the earlier ones to ‘firm up’ and later scheduling will be more problematic as their statewide events start getting more intense.  Many of the district-level races are more subject to change, right up to filing deadline.  Some vettings do not require an interview; when actual records in office are applicable and are clear enough  that they cannot be enhanced – or defended- by words, why bother?  But we try to err on the side of caution.
So far the committee has done one-on-one interviews with the following folks- with LOTS more to come!  Each interview lasts at LEAST an hour , some taking 2.  Workups on each candidate takes 2-4 hours to prepare:

  • Governor – Greg Abbott
  • Governor – Tom Pauken
  • Governor – Lisa Fritsch
  • Lt. Governor – David Dewhurst
  • Lt. Governor – Todd Staples
  • Lt. Governor – Jerry Patterson
  • Lt. Governor – Dan Patrick
  • Attorney General – Barry Smitherman
  • Attorney General – Ken Paxton
  • Comptroller – Glenn Hager
  • Comptroller – Harvey Hilderbran
  • Comptroller – Raul Torres
  • Comptroller – Debra Medina
  • Railroad Commissioner – Malachi Boyuls
  • Railroad Commissioner – Wayne Christian
  • Agriculture Commissioner – Erick Opiela
  • Agriculture Commissioner – Sid Miller
  • Land Commissioner – David Watts
  • State Senate, District 8 – Scott Johnson (Withdrew)
  • State Senate, District 2 – Bob Hall
  • State Senate, District 16 – Don Huffines
  • John Carona; District 16 – John Carona
  • State House, District 59 – Danny Peltman
  • State House, District 64 – Read King
  • State House, District 66 – Stacey Chen
  • State House, District 66 – Matt Shaheen
  • State House, District 102 – Stefani Carter
  • State House, District 102 – Sam Brown
  • State House, District 102 – Adryana Boyne
  • State House, District 105 – Rodney Anderson
  • State House, District 112 – Jared Patterson
  • State House, District 112 – Angie Chen Button
  • State House District 115 – Matt Rinaldi

The work continues; the decisions are tough.

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  1. […] vetting committee has met 30 candidates so far for interviews, with a LOT more to go.  We maintain a list of those sessions here, and to see who has- and who has not- passed the high bar for NTTP TeaApproval, check this link. We […]

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