Voter Guides – 2014



RUNOFF EARLY VOTING: MAY 19th – MAY 23rd ; 7am – 7pm (unless listed otherwise)

RUNOFF ELECTION DAY: MAY 27th ; 7am – 7pm


If you print them for your own PERSONAL use the as they are; also, email-blast out the link to whoever you think needs it.  However, if you physically print them for distribution, please print them on YELLOW PAPER , and YOU NEED TO LIST YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS on the back in the blanks provided to cover legal considerations. Such as:
“Produced and distributed by John Q. Public – 123 Patriot St. Anywhere, TX”

Private citizens are allowed to spend up to $200 each doing such individual, undirected campaigning (and you can make TREMENDOUS impact doing so).  Distribute them to the VOTERS in your neighborhood (Supported candidates sometime will give you extra primary voters lists to work from from their data.)  Also, it’s IDEAL to stand outside polling places (outside the 100 foot restricted zone) handing them to arriving voters.  The impact is TREMENDOUS, especially on down-ballot races.

All groups used in these guides have many cycles of experience vetting candidates for conservative values that WILL be resistant to degradation by the ‘Powers that Be’ that exist in EVERY capitol in the country.  These guides are for state races ONLY; all the groups involved are registered under state guidelines and cannot make recommendations at the national level.  however, the state races are where voters need help the most, as mass media advertising will have them pretty well set on the national races by the time they reach the polls.

PRIMARY Voting Guides (Passed)


30 Responses to Voter Guides – 2014

  1. jingo122 says:

    Why haven’t we endorsed David Watts?

    I can’t find anything wrong with his record and George P. Bush is going to be a major problem for us if he manages to grab a foothold in statewide politics. We’ll be wishing we’d of stopped him now while he’s beatable when he runs for governor a few years down the road.

    • Mike O says:

      You have to have the right candidate to ‘stop George P. Bush. The vetting committee simply though David to be ill-prepared for any kind of statewide race, with his primary argument seeming to be ‘I’m not Bush.’

      • Mike,

        You must have caught David Watts on an off day because he gave a pure Federalist 51 campaign presentation to the Bryan/College Station Tea Party. That means he told us the rightful power and authority of the position and then explained example after example how he would apply that rightful power and authority to defend OUR life, liberty, and private property.

        David Watts IS exactly the kind of candidate the tea party wants.

    • mark says:

      Im Not Bush is enough for me!

  2. Brad T Underwood says:

    Please take a second look at the Dallas Co District Atty Race… Tom Nowak and his family escaped communist Poland and settled in Mesquite Texas. Tom graduated from NMHS and went on to college and law school. Tom is the only Republican in the race. His opponent switched again from the Democratic party due to the prevailing political winds. Tom believes strongly in the rule of law and our constitution. Please see and read Tom’s website at
    I urge you to consider supporting Tom Nowak on your Voter Guide here.

    • Mike O says:

      Would have LOVED to get down to the District Attorney race (and Tom Nowack is DEFINITELY my personal choice in that race). But there were simply too many races to do full vetting everywhere.

    • Les Schmied says:

      As a 2nd gen American who has had a personal battle with communism,(Commie bastards took my Maternal grandfather’s farm away from him at the close of WW2)I can tell you that ANY candidate who denounces communism is a good fit for office, and most certainly wouldn’t be a Democrat or RINO. The people who are freedom-loving, and escaped the Iron Curtain are some of the biggest advocates for liberty I know. They are the proverbial,” canary in the coal mine.” I would trust this man (Tom Nowak) as long as he can recount the horror of communism.

  3. Paul Hess says:

    I’m disappointed that Ellis County isn’t on your list.

  4. Adam P. says:

    Any chance of getting an expanded voting guide to cover the local races? I found the guide very helpful. Thanks

    • Mike O says:

      Would like to, but we got pulled into all of the statewide races and had no bandwidth to take on all the local one from the Tea Party perspective. Maybe next cycle, with enough volunteers.

  5. George says:

    I appreciate the voters guide. However, I really would like a resource that is a little more detailed that I can go to to investigate why a candidate was selected compared to others in a particular office. This would especially be valuable at the local competitions for judges, attorneys, etc.

    I just don’t want to take the guides word for things on blind faith. I also want to know why the candidates got their “X” on the guide.

  6. George says:

    Thanks Mike, I saw the writeups. However, these are for the big names for the statewide offices. I would also like to see write ups for the not so offices, say for our county and local positions too.

  7. Mark P says:

    Mike O.. I just saw how fast you responded to things like Ellis County working late that night! (even though I live in Denton).
    Wow! Great Job, you have worked hard and need a Thank you from the thousands that printed but did not post.
    Thank you Mike O!!!!!

  8. Larry Ray says:

    Hou didn’t bother to put a recommendation for U.S Senator? Stockman, for instance.

    Huge omission, since there are five or six choices available on the ballot.

  9. Debbie B says:

    Whos brilliant idea to put the voters guides on yellow paper and sign boards at early polling locations? I was forwarded an e-,mail with it and then saw it at the polling place. several people took one as they walked in to vote. I personally gave copies to 7 or 8 others to use. Bless you for doing the leg work, keeping us informed and engaged.

    • Mike O says:

      I’m afraid it was mine (Mike Openshaw); wish I was ‘brilliant’ earlier that 8 days before the election. We had to scramble to put it together. But it worked out. I must admit, it WAS one of my better ideas.

  10. Shirley Turner says:

    I do not believe in the garbage your party spews. Take me and all inferences of my name and address off your mud slinging lists. Also, do not send anything else to this email address.

  11. Cr Rains says:

    Mike I have been so busy trying to revive my retirement under the regime’s recovery? that I find myself here sponging up your hard work at the last moment before I go vote. They say no good deed goes unpunished and with this lawless exec-order-prez that may be true.
    But , my God bless you and yours at the last role call vote !
    CR Rains Texan / Conservative / Patriot / NOT-your-comrade & Not-your-RINO

  12. […] Voter Guides ? 2014 | North Texas Tea PartyDistribute them to the VOTERS in your neighborhood (Supported candidates sometime will give you extra primary voters lists to work from from their data.) Also … […]

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